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Hello friend! I’ve been eagerly looking forward to this moment. The time when you learn to embrace your body, your feminine energy, your core essence and support this body and lifestyle in a holistic fashion.

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Believe it or not, I know some things about you.

I know that you are a professional, you’re altruistic, you care for your spouse and family, and you’ve put yourself on the back burner. Friends, I’ve been there myself. Maybe you’ve had a hard childhood, and maybe you’ve sought out therapy in the past to help to little avail. I’ve also had clients who have been where you are right now, and they have turned their lives around to fully embrace their femininity and power within. I know that you can too!

About Laura

I decided to transition into coaching and consulting after having moved away from a successful Psychotherapy practice. I thoroughly enjoyed working with my clients, but I identified several barriers to helping individuals just like you move past obstacles. Traditional therapy has its place, but it just doesn’t move you into where you need to be long term.

What I found is that many women would benefit from therapy, would reduce the trauma and shame in their lives, were incredibly high functioning, but wanted and needed more. They started wanting more education on sex after divorce, building intimacy with their spouse, increasing trust after an affair, and many other topics that fall outside of the realm of therapy. They no longer needed my clinical services, but they did need something different to continue their journey.

More About Laura
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Programs & Specialties

  • Loving Your Life in the Body You’re In

    Do you have a hard time unwinding and slowing down? Do you practice good self care? Do you have a habit of doing more for other people than you do for yourself? Are you a people pleaser to your own detriment? Do you put the needs of others ahead of yourself most of the time? Do you try to control situations or hold onto resentments? Then this series is for you!

  • Healthy Sexuality and Holistic Living

    Something that became apparent was that most of my clients weren’t putting the proper nutrients in their bodies, they were anxious and depressed, and would’ve benefited greatly from the use of holistic practices in their daily lives. Their stress hormones were driving their physiology, and I knew that this piece of the puzzle was keeping many of them stuck in the same patterns which also negatively affected their sex life. This had to change!

  • Take back your Sex Life: Beyond Therapy

    LADIES, your sex life can be AMAZING, and I can help you achieve that reality.

    I have a history of working with individuals just like you who struggled with healthy sexuality and living their best life. Some clients had a history of childhood sexual abuse and some had a history of sexually compulsive behaviors. Some women had difficulty asking hard questions, communicating with their partner about their own wants and needs, likes and dislikes, and others were going through the motions with no real enjoyment. Sadly, others decribed their sex life as “blah and boring.”

    Let’s change that the same way that I have helped others like you change their satisfaction with their sex life.

  • Holistic Health for Busy Professionals

    Several years ago, my own health started to decline. Traditional Medicine just wasn’t cutting it. I spent upwards of $50,000 on doctors, tests, medications, therapies, and anything I could think of to help myself to no avail. I was getting sicker, and doctors couldn’t explain it.

    Then I found Functional Medicine. Within a month, many of my symptoms decreased. Within two months, most of my symptoms were eliminated. Learn how I improved my own health and how you can too in this series.

  • Individual Coaching and Consulting

    While I highly encourage people to sign up for my Masterclasses, some clients would rather have a one-on-one conversation with me. Due to my schedule and varied practices, I accept people on a limited basis to work with in this fashion.

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Learn With Laura

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations and a Master’s Degree in Social Work. I am an MSW, LCSW, SEP, a CSAT, and have worked extensively with trauma survivors. I’ve worked with both non-profit and for-profit agencies, was an Adjunct Professor at the local university, was employed as a Psychotherapist in two private practices before starting my own practice and worked at a local hospital in order to advance the Internal and External Child Abuse Task Force teams.

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  • What’s the difference between Laura Symon Coaching and Consulting and traditional therapy?

    In traditional talk therapy, a therapist uses a clinical skill set to assess and diagnose as well as determine a treatment plan. Coaching and consulting looks to the future, is goal oriented, and helps you realize powerful outcomes.

  • Are coaching and consulting covered by insurance?


  • Do you accept health insurance?

    No, as this is not talk therapy.

  • I’m concerned about notes that are kept about my goals or anything that we’ve discussed.

    One major difference between coaching and therapy is that NO NOTES ARE KEPT on you. We focus our time together on current goals and outcomes, and it is up to you to keep notes in order to fully get the most out of our time together. I want to EMPOWER YOU to make lasting changes!

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